Sonic Reference Laboratory (SRL) is a CLIA certified and CAP accredited state-of-the-art esoteric reference laboratory specializing in Analytical Chemistry, Molecular, Hematology, Immunology and Clinical Chemistry testing. SRL is part of the Sonic Healthcare USA network of laboratories, which is a component of Sonic Healthcare Limited, a large global decentralized federated network of medically-led practices headquartered in Sydney, Australia.


Founded in 2014, SRL aspires to help people live healthier lives by delivering the highest quality test results utilizing cutting edge testing technologies. With a quality program based on the Quality System Essentials defined by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), SRL aims for best practice by elevating the commitment to quality from compliance with minimum requirements to the highest achievable level.

SRL has built its quality service and reputation on test development projects that set the laboratory apart from the rest. With a dedicated team both inside the laboratory and out, SRL is setting the bar for test development. A robust and consistent project management mentality will continue to facilitate rapid test menu expansion at SRL as we strive to meet and exceed development expectations.



  • Clinical and technical expertise from a network of Sonic laboratories throughout the world
  • Research and Development team comprised of PhDs, focused on medical and technological advances, while ensuring lab efficiency and quality
  • All test development is vetted against societal standards


  • Performing complex, laboratory developed tests utilizing the most up to date methods and technologies
  • Over 125 Assays
  • Partnered with our world-leading laboratories, to ensure full coverage of all testing needs

Clinical Expertise

  • Provide actionable results enabling healthcare providers to detect genetic alterations or medical conditions at treatable stages, allowing for personalized medical plans
  • Laboratory directors and PhD scientists are able to assist with explanations of results in order to ensure providers are able to best consult their patients

World Class Customer Support

  • Reliable customer support team to assist with billing and test ordering questions to make the process seamless and reduce confusion
  • Field support from our account executives to ensure ordering and receiving results is clear and simple